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GSM SQUAD India is a leading organisation in KOTA(RAJ) working with and for the stray animals, child education, women empowernmnt, blood donation for over 1 year. We are committed to our vision for a happy, healthy environment for womens, animals, child education. These include ensuring children have access to free and quality education, animals are safe from violence, abuse and exploitation. womens are getting awareness, proper technique for self defence. For stray animals we specially managed to give proper assistence to animals who have any disease, any injuries . we give them proper medication from our best docters. We give them treatment at our reowned shelters. We have emergency numnbers on which anyone can call if found an injured animal or animal with any disease. For free child education we make groups of 5-10 children who wants education from us. We arranges camp for women empowernment where we teach womens how to self defence when needed. With proper awareness we teach them how to handle situations on their own with proper safety measures we taught them. Anybody is in need of blood we will provide them blood with their respected blood groups. They just need to call us and we are available for giving help at any time. GSM squad resued over 50+ stray animals in past year at our shelter.




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